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About Us

Let's face it.  In today's business world employees are asked to do more with less.  Gone are the days in which a company could enjoy and employ a full environmental, health and safety staff.  In today's business climate the EH&S department is usually one person in charge of everything from sustainability to waste disposal to fire extinguishers!  This, coupled with the fact that many of the large players in the waste industry are unable to adequately provide day-to-day customer service, means that EH&S personnel need a little outside help.  Disposal Connections, Inc. was created to fill this all-important role.

Disposal Connections, Inc. is a full-service environmental consulting firm specializing in safe, cost-effective waste management.  We provide services to a diverse group of  generators, including manufacturers, R&D facilities, universities and learning institutions, engineering firms, construction and remediation companies, and health care facilities.

With over 30 years of experience, Disposal Connections, Inc., has the knowledge and wherewithal to tackle your most pressing waste disposal issues.  Our chemists have the training and know-how to advise you on the proper disposal channels for everything from small quantity waste chemical removal (labpacks) to daily production waste.  We provide thorough guidance for proper waste characterization and assist in interpreting the multitude of waste regulations regarding waste transportation and disposal.

Because Disposal Connections, Inc., is an independent service provider we can review your waste streams and offer the best course of action for disposal.  We aren't tied into any one disposal facility, so we don't need to force feed materials into a pre-selected site.  The bottom line is, some disposal facilities are better (and likely cheaper) at managing some wastes rather than others, and part of our selection process is reviewing what works best for you, the customer.  In addition, by contracting with several licensed and permitted transportation firms, we can offer flexibility and competitive costs when transporting wastes.

It is crucial that your waste business partner is trustworthy, reliable, and experienced.  At Disposal Connections, Inc., we strive to be all of these, and are committed to providing the best possible waste management services to our customers.  We hope that we can connect with you and earn your business as well.

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